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C4/C4+ TRAINING  Course Duration is of 3 Month's for C4 and 6 months for C4+
CyberLearning Computer Competency Certificate (C4) If you're focusing on a future in computers, or any field that requires the use of computers, CyberLearning Computer Competency Certificate (C4) program can set you apart from the crowd. My Image Description This program covers a broad range of computing knowledge and skills that proves competency in computing fundamentals (hardware, software and using an operating system), key applications (common program functions, word processing and spreadsheet functions) and living online (networks and the internet, email and the impact of computing on society). "C4" prepares your for the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³) which provides students and job-seekers with the foundation of knowledge they need to succeed in environments that require the use of computers and the Internet. This is an internationally recognized standard for digital literacy and reflects the most relevant skills needed in today's academic and business environments. In an increasingly digital world, where virtually every field and function is impacted by computers, this program can help you refine your aptitude in the most important and valuable areas.
Session 1 Session2 Session3
Computer Basics
Performance and Maintenance
OS/Software Introduction
Microsoft Operating System
Customizing Windows
Managing Your Operating System
Apple Operating System Applications
Application Features and Functions Common File Management Options Word Basics
Columns, Tables, and Breaks
Finalizing Documents
Creating and Formatting Spreadsheets
Manipulating Data
Networks and the Internet Communicate and Collaborate Working with E-mail
Using the Web
Understanding Web Sites
Risks and Benef
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